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Nuance Dragon Helpdesk

If you are facing problems in nuance dragon software and unable to use it then we at nuance dragon helpdesk experts can troubleshoot the issue coming and will try our best to get it resolved for you.  Here we will guide you thru the whole process of installation, setup and proper use of dragon naturally speaking software.

Complete guide to installation and setup of dragon software:


Before we come to the installation step you need to make sure that computer system has atleast basic requirement to get your dragon software installed.

To install it successfully, you need to turn off the virus protection and insert the DVD came with dragon software. Choose the installation type whether you need customized build or software with full functionality.

Setup your software:

Turn on microphone device and it will detect your voice once ready. Under configuration settings

Fill out all details required like name, age, location etc. and complete the user profile process. After this you need to check voice quality by reading the text appear on your software screen, if it sound a beep that means microphone is working fine.

Use the software and perform various actions:

You can control Dragon software by your voice commands and it works really well.

  1. If you want to open menu then just say file or view and it will bring that to you
  2. If dragon customer want to switch screen then say switch to or show desktop.
  3. If you want to use editor then just say microsoft word or dragonpad
  4. If a user want to write something then just start speaking your words and sentences.

You should try nuance helpdesk support once and you’ll be surprised with the great help you get from dragon expert team.

nuance dragon helpdesk
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